Employer Spotlight

MPS Egg Farms (formerly Midwest Poultry Services) is a great example of what Wabash County can offer businesses in the food industry. Midwest is one of the largest shell egg producers in the country. Its close proximity to agricultural assets has contributed much to its success, allowing the company to purchase its animal feed from more than 85,000 acres of local farms each year. In turn Midwest is able to supply abundant, cost-effective inputs to other food processors nearby.


Home to Successful Agribusiness Companies

Wabash County, Indiana lies in the heart of farm country. With millions of crop acres and vast numbers of livestock within a short drive, the county is fertile with opportunity for agribusiness.

Wabash County is home to several thriving farms, including industrial-scale producers that distribute agricultural products throughout the United States, Mexico and Central America. Smaller farms in the county lead the way in the growing farm-to-work movement and community-supported agriculture here in Indiana, supplying meat and produce to fine dining restaurants throughout the state and to local consumers.

In addition to agricultural producers, the county is also home to several large and diversified agribusinesses. Here are a few examples:

  • Advanced Ag Resources grows commercial grain and seed crops, operates a 75,000 square-foot seed distribution center, and offers full service conditioning, blending and packaging of seeds.
  • Halderman Farm Management and Real Estate Services, founded in Wabash in 1930, is one of the largest family-owned professional farm management and real estate organizations in the United States.
  • Strauss Feeds, located in North Manchester, is one of the top five bovine milk replacer feed manufacturers in the country and provides private labeled products to the feed industry. It’s also one of the top producers of ethically raised veal.

By locating in Wabash County, your agribusiness can take enjoy many of the same benefits that have helped to make these companies the success they are today. Contact us today to learn more!