Local Incentives Drive Business Success in Wabash County!

Wabash County, City and Town Incentives

Grow Wabash County, in conjunction with our local, state and federal partners, offers a variety of innovative and responsible incentive programs that will help your business grow right here in our community. 

Incentives could include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts
  • County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) assistance
  • Property tax phase-in or abatement
  • Revolving Loan Program
  • Workforce training assistance
  • Industrial revenue bonds
  • General obligation bonding
  • Build and lease back
  • Land incentives
  • Temporary office assistance
  • Local legal counsel and permitting assistance
  • Ombudsman service

Category: Local Incentives

More Local Incentives

The Grow Wabash County Revolving Loan Fund exists to help the local business community with planned projects and unforeseen situations. This program was seeded in the early 2000’s with funds from the USDA Rural Development and has funded numerous projects in Wabash County for almos... Learn More
With the intent to encourage the devleopment of arts, cultural acitvities, and fine dining within the Riverfront District in the City of Wabash, and as per Indiana Code Section 7.1-3-20-16 and 7.1-3-20-16.1, the City of Wabash has established a municipal riverfront development district in downtow... Learn More