Wabash County Logistics Ideal for Distribution

Wabash County businesses enjoy a location central to consumer markets throughout the country with access and logistical options that make moving products easy and affordable. Distribution operations will find the lack of congestion on the highways here to be a real advantage over other, more expensive cities.

Our business parks are ideal for distribution – all three are adjacent to the Hoosier Heartland Corridor, a limited access 4-lane highway that connects to interstates 65 and 69. Both of these north/south interstates connect to Indianapolis (with its intersection of 5 interstate highways) and Chicago.

There’s also easy access to rail nearby. Norfolk Southern offers north-south and east-west mainlines that intersect in downtown Wabash. This system connects businesses in Wabash County by rail to the eastern third of the United States and Canada.

This enviable network of state and interstate highways and railroads allows distribution companies to quickly get their freight out to local and regional markets, other major markets throughout the U.S. and Canada, and to ports along the East Coast.

This kind of reach combined with the low cost of land and construction makes Wabash County a great choice for distribution businesses of all sizes.

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