Grow Wabash County Partners with Manchester HS Accounting Class for 2nd Year

North Manchester, IN (May 16, 2019) – Grow Wabash County is pleased to announce the continuing support of Manchester Jr/Sr High School’s accounting class led by MJSHS business teacher Shelly Leifer. The partnership includes funding for an online accounting simulation program, as well as opportunities for technical assistance and mentoring with GWC and GWC Investor businesses as the class moves forward.
“These simulation packets help the students take all of the knowledge they have accumulated throughout the school year and apply it to a realistic simulation; as if they were working for a real company.” While using the simulation package last year, there were several “Ohhhh I get it now” moments. Grow Wabash County has partnered with Leifer’s classes previously to give authenticity to the things the students are learning in class. “We are so fortunate to live in a County that has businesses and organizations that are always willing to help our students with authentic learning opportunities. When students see their community members reaching out to them they learn lessons about good citizenship and giving back. Ultimately, that will make them better citizens,” Leifer said. Supporting education at all levels is one of the areas which Grow Wabash County serves the Wabash County community, having formed partnerships with many local education partners from early education through career and technical training to partnerships with local universities. “We are excited when we can partner with our local schools to help bring real world opportunities and experiences to our next generation of leaders,” said Keith Gillenwater, president & CEO of Grow Wabash County. “Education is one of the biggest keys to helping create a brighter future for our community, and we are thrilled when we can help.”

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