Employer Spotlight

Ford Meter Box Company – one of our oldest businesses – has called Wabash County home for over a hundred years. Today, its production facility in Indiana contributes to a catalog of nearly 30,000 waterworks products including pipes and joinings, restraints, meter setters, brass valves and fittings, and testing equipment. With customers across the United States and in over 120 other countries, Ford Meter Box Company continues to be a major player in the waterworks products industry.


Wabash County Manufacturing -- Diverse and Thriving

Wabash County is home to a healthy and diverse manufacturing sector. This diversity is a product of a large and well-prepared and versatile workforce, a great network of highways and railroads for transporting raw materials and finished products. Indiana is a right-to-work state, and in Wabash County workers are self-motivated, hard-working and well prepared to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers.

Manufacturers here include:

  • Beverage makers and companies that produce FDA-compliant food-grade packaging
  • A book publishing and printing company
  • Makers of products for the automotive, transportation and industrial packaging industries
  • Metalworking companies that reclaim and process recycled metals
  • A company that makes parts and equipment to support the waterworks industry

There’s plenty of room for more. With three business parks and a workforce of more than half a million within an hour’s drive, you’ll find workers here prepared for manufacturing everything from auto, truck, and tractor components to high-precision products like medical components and medical implants.

Great logistics also contribute to the success of manufacturers in Wabash County allowing them easy access to raw materials in and finished products out. With an enviable network of highways and railroads, manufacturers here can quickly connect with local and regional markets as well as major markets throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Contact us today to see how we can meet your unique needs to help you become part of the vibrant and diverse Manufacturing sector in Wabash County!