Community Foundation of Wabash County announces “On The Table” listening tour

Wabash County, IN (Oct. 22, 2019) –The Community Foundation of Wabash County and Grow Wabash County, along with many other community members, are inviting residents and those who work in Wabash County to gather next week to engage in conversations about the community. These conversations are called On the Table and are designed to be small, intimate discussions, about community members’ hopes and ideas for Wabash County.

On the Table was developed by the Chicago Community Trust in 2014 to reach community member’s whose voices weren’t being heard. In order to have these conversations, members of the Community Trust stationed themselves in various locations throughout the city of Chicago with the goal of being welcoming and accessible, and to listen and encourage feedback and participation from all community members.

The motive for the Community Foundation and Grow Wabash County to utilize this model is based upon community members’ feedback from the Wabash County population reports in August and online survey, in addition to the recommendation from Mark Becker of Becker Consulting to implement a civic-engagement model in the community.

Therefore, between Monday, October 28, and Friday, November 01, the Community Foundation, Grow Wabash County, and other community members will be stationed throughout the community at various times and locations to listen to the concerns and hopes of people who live and or work in Wabash County.

“An On the Table conversation is straightforward and effortless” says Melissa Ford, development associate at the Community Foundation of Wabash County. “A conversation simply consists of a host inviting or sitting down with a small group of people to talk about the community. The host will ask a few questions, but the host is there exclusively to listen. Following the conversation, participants will be provided with a short survey. Participant comments and the survey responses will never be attributed to a person by name, but will be summarized by Manchester University. The results will be shared in aggregate and will hopefully be useful to community decision making. What’s most exciting about On the Table, is that oftentimes, these conversations introduce people to each other and can lead to the participants taking action. I’m so appreciative of the community members who have signed up to lead these conversations across the county.”

Click here to download the full press release and to get a complete list of the times and locations for On The Table talks between Oct. 28 and Nov. 1.