Training today's workforce for the needs of tomorrow

Specialized Skills Training

Grow Wabash County and its many community and business partnerships are in the process of organizing and launching high-quality skills training programs to fill the most sought-after needs in Wabash and its surrounding counties. 

Here are some of the exciting opportunities set to begin in the coming months to help YOU equip your workforce with the skills you want and need to be successful!


Commercial Drivers License (CDL) training

Instruction available on-demand. Email Tenille at for further information.
Locations TBD

Ivy Tech Community College will be offering CDL certification training in April. The course will begin online starting Monday, April 5 with virtual classroom instruction followed by in-person driving instruction starting the week of Monday, April 12. 

Tuition is $4,950 and includes all course and material fees and fees to take the CDL A licensure test twice. For more information or to register, contact Jennifer Tippmann, onboarding specialist with CTS Driving Academy, via email at or phone at 260.433.4132. Jennifer can guide applicants through the registration process as well as examine various funding options they may qualify for.


CNC Class Mill and Lathe

When: May 17 - Sept. 22 ; meets Mondays & Wednesday weekly 4-8 p.m.
Where: Heartland Career Center, 79 S 200 W, Wabash, IN
Offered by Ivy Tech Community College

This course provides an introduction to the theory of programming Computerized Numerical Controls for industrial metalworking machines.  Participants will study terminology of coordinates, cutter paths, angle cutting, and linear/circular interpolation. Related machining practices in milling will be covered, and shop mathematics will be introduced and applied for fractions/decimals, metrics, geometry, calculating formulas and trigonometry.  This course also incorporates blueprint reading for interpreting working drawings used in the trade.

Participants will have hands-on training and demonstrations on CNC machining equipment while developing competencies in both the operation and basic programming of equipment controls.

The course prepares students to sit for the NIMS Operator – Mill certification, which is included.

Tuition is $3,000. MAX 12 people for this course. Workforce Ready Grants available to cover costs. Download the grant application
For questions or to register contact Heather Vance (Ivy Tech) at or via phone at 260-355-9462.

Process Communication Model (PCM) Workshop

When: Monday, May 3 - Wednesday, May 5
Where: Grow Wabash County office, 214 South Wabash Street, Wabash, IN
Offered by Grow Wabash County
Grow Wabash County invites local industry and community leaders to refine their communication skills with the Process Communication Model (PCM) Workshop.
PCM Facilitator Emily Tracy will lead this hands-on three-day workshop which will cover the first steps of knowing your ideal communication model and applying it to your personal and professional lives.
Participants will learn:
-Their personalized communication model
-How to identify tendencies when you or other communication models are in distress
-How to utilize your communication style to become a more effective leader
-Effective communication strategies for all aspects of life
Tuition: $600
Tuition covers workshop fees, an in-depth personalized PCM profile, and meals and snacks during the workshop.
Registration is limited to 12 people, so REGISTER EARLY!
You can register online here: OR reach out to Grow Wabash County at or 260-563-5258

Gas Metal Arc Welding Training 

When: June 8 - August 11; meets Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 4-8 p.m.
Where: Heartland Career Center, 79 S 200 W, Wabash, IN
Offered by Ivy Tech Community College
This course is designed to teach the most common GMAW or gas metal arc welding processes consisting of short-circuit, spray, and GMAW Spray. Beginning with basics of equipment, setup and safety the training progresses into assembly, fabrication and layout techniques. Participates will learn practical welding techniques and procedures as they pertain to various metal types and thicknesses, welding in various positions, kinds of joints and weld characteristics, as well as AWS terminology and symbols.
This course also incorporates blueprint reading skills, measurement techniques, and basic math skills used for interpreting and verifying specifications. 
Tuition is $3,750. Workforce Ready Grants available to cover costs. Download the grant application
For questions or to register contact Heather Vance (Ivy Tech) at or via phone at 260-355-9462.
Contact Heather Vance, Ivy Tech Employer Consultant, at or 260.355.9462 for information regarding course availability, scholarship opportunities or any other questions. 


Scholarship Funding Available

Scholarships for financial assistance for training programs are available through Grow Wabash County and other area programs:

Workforce Ready Grants
The State of Indiana will provide grant funding to cover up to 100% of tuition for CNC Machining and MSSC-CPT Industrial Maintenance for Indiana residents over 18 years old, whom have a high school diploma/GED/HSE, and does not have an associates or bachelor’s degree.
Participants that meet that criteria should fill out the Workforce Ready Application and submit completed form to Kassandra Flanagan, Program Manager at Ivy Tech Corp College, (260) 480-4214 at
Wabash County Resident Scholarships

These scholarships are available through Grow Wabash County, made possible by grant funding from the Community Foundation of Wabash County and the Wabash County United Fund. Scholarship funding amounts vary by interest and applicant.

Find out if you qualify for funding here:


Great Educational Opportunities Nearby

The success of our education system in Wabash County is a good indicator of the kind of workers you will find here. Our high schools are filled with high-achieving students – with graduation rates of 93-97%. Wabash County has become a national model for encouraging college savings through the Wabash County Promise, and well more than half of our students go on to college after graduation. They have a lot of options to choose from and many that also provide great opportunities nearby for adult learners to gain new skills or improve their current ones. They include:

In Wabash County, we are preparing a workforce capable of meeting the unique needs of your businesses today and well into the future. The best and the brightest are already here, and we can help you find them. Contact us today!

Workforce Development Training Opportunities

Next Level Jobs Training Grant for Employers and Individuals

Next Level Jobs is part of Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Indiana agenda to continue the positive momentum of our state. Under his leadership with support from the 2017 General Assembly, Indiana is taking the state’s workforce to the next level with a focus on the high-priority industries and high-demand jobs driving Indiana’s 21st Century economy forward.

Two million Hoosiers need additional training to compete in the 21st Century workforce, and there will be over 1 million job openings in Indiana due to retirements and the creation of new jobs by 2025. Whether you’re a Hoosier looking for a better-paying job or an employer looking for a better-skilled workforce, Indiana’s Next Level Jobs initiative can help.

Download Workforce Ready Scholarship application.


Road to 1 Million Initiative

In Northeast Indiana, “good” is not good enough. We share a vision of bucking Midwest trends and breaking new ground. We forge new opportunities to create meaningful change for our residents, and your business. We have a vision of becoming a region of 1 million people by developing the quality of life needed to attract top talent and expand our business landscape. We call this vision The Road to One Million.

The Road to One Million was formed to apply for the state’s Regional Cities Initiative grant, which seeks to make Indiana a magnet for talent attraction by funding transformative quality of place projects. Northeast Indiana won $42 million through this state initiative and is supported by the Northeast Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA), charged with implementing those funds to best reach the goals of increasing economic growth, increasing population growth, and enhancing the region’s national brand identity. The full impact of Indiana’s Regional Cities initiative will not be realized for years to come. Clearly a shot in the arm for quality of place assets in Fort Wayne and other regional communities, Northeast Indiana has committed to our own Road to One Million plan for retaining and attracting skilled talent and increasing our population growth rate. ' Northeast Indiana fully satisfied the state’s $42 million match requirements and committed over $255 million in just one year to fund projects in 10 of 11 counties. Northeast Indiana is led by ambitious people marked by ingenuity and positivity—now that’s a community worth investing in.