Outstanding Transportation Assets

Combined with nearby airports, Wabash County’s network of highways and railroads makes moving products and people easy.

US Highway 24 is a limited-access, four-lane highway that runs through the center of the county, connecting I-65 to the west and I-69 to the east. Both connect to Indianapolis where interstate highways extend outward in all directions.

With this kind of access, manufacturers, food processers, agribusinesses and other industries in Wabash County can connect with suppliers and markets anywhere in the country.

Norfolk Southern offers north-south and east-west mainlines that intersect in downtown Wabash. This system connects businesses in Wabash County by rail to major markets throughout the eastern third of the U.S. and Canada and to international markets from ports on the East Coast or the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor on Lake Michigan.

Wabash County has three airports nearby. The Wabash Municipal Airport is a regional airport with a 4,400-foot runway to accommodate corporate jets. Grissom Aeroplex – a public/military airport just twenty-five miles away – offers 12,500-foot runway that can support air freight carriers.

Fort Wayne International Airport is less than an hour away and is served by four major carriers. With an 11,981-foot runway and two major cargo carriers – FedEx and UPS – on site, Ft. Wayne International can handle any size aircraft and all your air freight needs.

With this network of state and interstate highways, railroads, and airports, Wabash County businesses are connected to the world.