Wabash County Workers are Ready for You

New and existing businesses in Wabash County enjoy easy access to a regional workforce of more than half a million within an hour’s drive. Workers here are motivated, hard-working and well prepared to meet the needs of today’s employers.

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Resources Available to Your Workforce

  • Northeast Indiana Works is the region’s nonprofit workforce development organization that provides public and private financial and employment resources for education and skills training to meet the needs of regional industries.
  • WorkOne Northeast career centers provide job leads that match people’s skill sets. They also help people identify careers that best align with their interests and aptitudes.
  • 180 Skills helps businesses take control of your organization’s learning. The 180 Skills course library contains over 800 competency-based, online skills courses in 60 competency topic areas.
  • Skillful - an initiative of the Markle Foundation - works with employers, educators, policymakers and others to help the nearly 70% of Americans without college degrees get good jobs based on the skills they have or the skills they can learn – creating new opportunities for success in the digital era.
  • A private, nonprofit adult continuing educational organization, the Freedom Academy, believes that education is the key to economic freedom by providing high-quality, cost-effective education. On-site classes provide customized training tailored to meet the needs of individual business, industry, banks, hospitals government, and non-profit organization throughout Northeast Indiana.
  • The Learn More Center seeks to eliminate illiteracy, encourage educational attainment, and advance employ-ability through its programs. Students who work with staff and volunteer tutors strengthen math and language skills, develop skills for job advancement, gain confidence, and become lifelong learners.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development also offers a variety of tools, networks and guidance through its Business Resource Guide.

Road to 1 Million Initiative

In Northeast Indiana, “good” is not good enough. We share a vision of bucking Midwest trends and breaking new ground. We forge new opportunities to create meaningful change for our residents, and your business. We have a vision of becoming a region of 1 million people by developing the quality of life needed to attract top talent and expand our business landscape. We call this vision The Road to One Million.

The Road to One Million was formed to apply for the state’s Regional Cities Initiative grant, which seeks to make Indiana a magnet for talent attraction by funding transformative quality of place projects. Northeast Indiana won $42 million through this state initiative and is supported by the Northeast Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA), charged with implementing those funds to best reach the goals of increasing economic growth, increasing population growth, and enhancing the region’s national brand identity. The full impact of Indiana’s Regional Cities initiative will not be realized for years to come. Clearly a shot in the arm for quality of place assets in Fort Wayne and other regional communities, Northeast Indiana has committed to our own Road to One Million plan for retaining and attracting skilled talent and increasing our population growth rate. ' Northeast Indiana fully satisfied the state’s $42 million match requirements and committed over $255 million in just one year to fund projects in 10 of 11 counties. Northeast Indiana is led by ambitious people marked by ingenuity and positivity—now that’s a community worth investing in.