Content is king in upcoming GWC, DWI workshop

Content is king in upcoming GWC, DWI workshop Main Photo

21 Jun 2023


Wabash County, IN  – Grow Wabash County is thrilled to partner with Downtown Wabash, Inc., in wlecoming back Nathan Grossman of GHD Unlimited to host a new workshop focused on helping businesses and organizations generate new and attractive content for their various marketing channels. 

"Content marketing is essential for small businesses looking to drive sales and build a loyal customer base,” Grossman said. “With the right strategy, content marketing can help businesses establish their brand, engage customers, and increase visibility in the online marketplace." 

The workshop, “Content is King” will see Grossman sharing strategies and ideas to develop and promote content that will not only generate greater traffic to company websites, social media channels, etc. but also establish those companies as authorities or even experts of their industry. 

“One of the greatest challenges any business or organization faces in the social media world is making your brand and message stand out amongst all of the other companies trying to grab the attention of the same audience as you,” Chelsea Parson, project manager for Grow Wabash County, said. “GHD Unlimited is well-versed in helping companies separate themselves from the crowd through the development of relevant and engaging content that catches the consumer’s eye and empowers them to further connect with your company’s products, brand and mission.”

This event will take place on Wednesday, July 19, from 9 – 10:30  a.m. in the Grow Wabash County conference room, 214 South Wabash Street in Wabash.

Admission to the workshop will be free to Grow Wabash County investors and Downtown Wabash, Inc. members and $10 for non-investors. Registration is required as space is limited. 

Small business owners interested in signing up for this hands-on event can do so at or by contacting Grow Wabash County at or by calling 260-563-5258.

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