Diverse Economy, Thriving Communities

Wabash County, Indiana resides in the Hoosier Heartland where our enviable network of state and interstate highways, railroads, and airports connect our businesses to rest of the world.

Grow Wabash County knows that great logistics is just one of the factors businesses need to succeed. A closer look at Wabash County will reveal the other reasons that businesses and people here thrive, including:

  • A motivated and hard-working regional workforce of more than 500,000
  • Three business parks, all adjacent to the Hoosier Heartland
  • Abundant and affordable utilities
  • Access to world-class colleges and universities
  • Powerful economic incentives, creatively customized to meet your unique needs

Wabash County’s cities and towns offer a quality of life with amenities that rival many larger, more crowded cities, with the added bonus of maintaining those small-town values of helping thy neighbor and welcoming everyone into the Wabash County community. Our downtown areas are alive and thriving with retail, dining and other businesses. We have access to outstanding healthcare and recreational opportunities to promote wellness in and out of the workplace. And, with graduation rates of 93-97%, our schools are among the best in the state.

Wabash County enjoys a diverse and vibrant economy with several highly successful businesses in such areas as: advanced manufacturing, agribusinesses, medical device companies, food processors and beverage makers, and more. And there's always room for more!

So, spend a little time with us and check out what Wabash County can offer you.

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