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7 Mar 2024


Wabash County, IN, is fertile ground for agriculture and its surrounding industries. Crops and livestock produced by local farmers in the area contribute significantly to Indiana being in the top ten U.S. states regarding total agricultural production. Beyond contributing to the nation's food supply, Wabash County agriculture is a significant source of its residents' employment. Grow Wabash County celebrates National Ag Day on March 19 to recognize the vital role area agriculture businesses play in sustaining local communities and driving economic growth while setting a tone for annual support for these regional businesses and residents. 

Trends Reshaping Agriculture's Future

Today, agriculture in Wabash County and throughout the nation is experiencing a significant transformation driven by various trends shaping the industry's future. Food Business News notes several trends driving change in food and agriculture production. These include technological advancements, such as precision farming techniques and data analytics, to optimize crop yields and resource efficiency. Additionally, a growing demand for sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices arises as consumers increasingly prioritize environmentally friendly and ethically sourced products. The rise of alternative proteins and plant-based diets is another notable trend, reflecting changing consumer preferences and concerns about health, sustainability and animal welfare. 

In the context of Wabash County, these trends present unique opportunities. The area is well-positioned to capitalize on these developments with its fertile soil, favorable climate conditions, and strong agricultural infrastructure. By embracing innovation, promoting sustainability and adapting to evolving consumer demands, local farmers and businesses can enhance their competitiveness and contribute to the region’s economic prosperity.

Wabash County Agriculture Advantages

Numerous advantages support Wabash County agriculture. Natural resources are plentiful in a state where more than 80% of its land is farm, forest or woodlands. An abundant supply of high-quality water from one of the Midwest’s largest aquifers offers area water utilities more than 2.5 million gallons per day in excess capacity. These state-of-the-art facilities provide more than enough water to meet the most demanding business needs well into the future.

The Wabash County location in the Midwest agricultural belt offers numerous other advantages, from favorable raw material costs to efficient shipping and receiving to and from local, regional and major North American markets via a quality network of highways and railroads.

Agricultural Influence in Wabash County

As a result, agriculture is a fundamental pillar of Wabash County’s economy. The USDA Census of Agriculture indicated 635 farms in Wabash County in 2022, covering 186,071 acres, each producing an average annual market value of agricultural products sold of $621,103. The primary crop was corn for grain, at more than 14 million bushels, while the leading livestock was more than 400,000 hogs/pigs. 

Building on the crops themselves, Wabash County has a flourishing agribusiness industry. Advanced Ag Resources grows commercial grain and seed crops in a 75,000-square-foot seed distribution center and offers full-service conditioning, blending and packaging of seeds. Halderman Farm Management and Real Estate Services has become one of the largest family-owned professional farm management and real estate organizations in the United States since its founding in Wabash in 1930. Strauss Feeds is a national top five bovine milk replacer feed manufacturer and one of the country’s leading producers of ethically raised veal.

Grow Wabash County is proud to spotlight a selection of crucial area players instrumental in advancing local agriculture. MPS Egg Farms is one of the largest shell egg producers in the country and an example of the ability of the county's employers to build on the area’s agricultural assets to grow together. MPS Egg Farms partnered with Hello Nature to create Bionutrients, a specialty fertilizer manufacturing facility in Wabash County. 

The food and beverage industry is prominent in Wabash County as well. A notable example is Living Essentials, one of Wabash County’s largest employers and producer of 5-Hour Energy™. Opening in Wabash County in 2007, today the company owns and maintains over 1.3 million square feet of manufacturing, R&D and distribution facilities on 91 acres.

Help Grow Agriculture in Wabash County 

Grow Wabash County is a one-stop-shop for business development efforts, focusing on the five main pillars of service: business development, entrepreneurship, livability, workforce development and investor services. We understand the importance of agriculture to a thriving local economy to benefit all companies in our region. Contact us today to learn how you can grow with us, too. 

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