Ford Meter Box’s Evan Parson on Work Success in Wabash County, Indiana

Ford Meter Box’s Evan Parson on Work Success in Wabash County, Indiana Main Photo

25 Aug 2023


Evan Parson grew up in Wabash County, Indiana, and went on to hold various positions throughout the area. Over the years, he moved his way up working for some notable Wabash County employers.  

Parson’s growing career eventually led to a position at one of Wabash County’s top manufacturers, Ford Meter Box. His work achievements within the region make up one of the many success stories that exemplify the positive work environment in our county. 

Opportunities for Career Advancement in Wabash County

In high school, Parson began working at the Wabash McDonald's after its first remodel. After this introductory experience in the workforce, he started working outside of Wabash County at a Ruler Foods grocery store.

“I stayed there for about five years working up the chain as best I could,” Parson said.

Parson had plans to branch out into new work opportunities. He found his way back to Wabash County after he applied for the Jail Officer position at the Wabash County Jail. After he was hired, he spent almost three years working there as a Jail Officer.

Finding Success at Ford Meter Box

Wabash County offers many unique work opportunities, as Parson learned. He was introduced to an available class for adults about Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. The class was organized and offered by Grow Wabash County and took place at the Heartland Career Center. Parson signed up and began learning about the ins and outs of CNC machining. 

“When the class had concluded, there was a job fair at the REMC building,” Parson said. 

At the job fair, he came across a booth set up by Ford Meter Box and decided to give them his resume. Later on, Ford Meter Box reached out to him to ask him to fill out an application and offer him an interview. He was hired and has been working there to this day.
Ford Meter Box develops waterworks products for water systems in the United States and other countries around the world. In the early 1900s, founder Edwin Ford settled Ford Meter Box in Wabash because of friends and family in the area. Because of its location in such a hardworking and productive community, the company grew to be one of the largest employers in Wabash

Parson found a wealth of opportunities in Wabash County that led him to this fruitful career. This November will mark two years of Parson’s employment as a Machine Operator in the Machining Department at Ford Meter Box. 

“My duties include producing valve bodies and ends,” Parson said. “My work involves maintaining the integrity of the machine with our quality standard in mind at all times.”

Experience a Fulfilling Work-Life Flow in Wabash County

Parson expressed the joy that living in Wabash County brings him. He described Wabash County as a friendly and welcoming community. 

“The people here are always happy to engage in the community,” Parson said. “Not to mention, Wabash is where I met my beautiful wife.” 

Wabash County sets a high standard of excellence for communities across the globe. The inviting atmosphere along with an abundance of available work make for an exceptional quality of life. 

“The last five years have been the greatest working in my hometown,” Parson said. “Living and working in Wabash just feels naturally balanced.”

There are currently several open positions in Wabash County that you can apply for. Be sure to check them out and submit your resume ASAP!

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