Help Support Wabash County Businesses with Gift Checks!

Wish you could help Wabash County’s locally-owned businesses?

Looking for a unique gift for your friends and families?

Grow Wabash County Gift Checks are the perfect opportunity for both!

What are gift checks?gift check example

Formerly Chamber Bucks, Grow Wabash County Gift Checks allow gift recipients to spend their gift check money at ANY of our investors' businesses. These gift checks keep money local, cycling through the Wabash County business community.



Gift Check Order How To:

  1. Order gift checks online, OR  E-mail us or call 260-563-5258.
  2. Specify how many checks you would like to purchase and what those monetary increments will be.
    • PRO TIP: In the interest of ensuring that the gift checks are able to be used at GWC investors in their entirety, we recommend ordering smaller increments or breaking down larger amounts into multiple checks of smaller increments ($25 or less is ideal)
  3. Your order will be ready within a a few days (may take longer for larger orders)
  4. Bring payment (cash or check) when you pick up your checks at the GWC office. We cannot accept credit or debit cards for payment.
  5. Give them to your friends, family and coworkers to enjoy!


Where can I use Grow Wabash County gift checks?

Grow Wabash County Gift Checks can be used at ANY of our almost 300 investors all of which are listed in our Investor Directory.

Download a list of popular investors that accept Grow Wabash County gift checks.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding using a Grow Wabash County gift check at one of our investor's businesses, please contact us immediately at 260-563-5258 and we will address the issue.

As a business owner, how should I handle receiving Grow Wabash County Gift Checks?

  1. Inform each person on your staff who is responsible for cash handling that these Grow Wabash County Gift Checks may be accepted.
  2. To verify authenticity of the Gift Check, be sure to check the security features on the sample Chamber Gift Check.
  3. Make sure the check is not expired! Gift Checks are good for no more than one (1) year after issuance.
  4. Gift checks are live checks and can be deposited as such. Simply deposit the Gift Check into your business bank account to receive the money.
  5. When the Gift Check is electronically scanned, do not return the certificate to the customer.
  6. The Gift Check is to be used for purchases of products/services of Grow Wabash County investors. They are not to be redeemed for cash, but change may be given. (Example: If a customer has a $5 purchase and pays with a $10 gift check, $5 in cash may be given.)
  7. This program will not interfere with your store gift card program.

If you have any questions or concerns about a gift check your business has received, please don't hesitate to contact us at or 260-563-5258.