INVets, Veryable offers solutions to manufacturing labor shortage

INVets, Veryable offers solutions to manufacturing labor shortage Main Photo

3 Aug 2022


Wabash County, IN – Grow Wabash County is calling on major employers, especially those in the manufacturing and logistics industries, to rethink their traditional ways of attracting and retaining talent and consider a new approach to employee recruitment.

In light of growing concerns and feedback surrounding the observed “labor shortage” especially in skilled trades, Grow Wabash County has worked closely with both INVets and Veryable to come up with strategies to help further develop Wabash County’s pool of skilled workers.

“We are hearing very similar concerns from all of our major employers in Wabash County,” Keith Gillenwater, president and CEO of Grow Wabash County, said. “They are all in search of skilled workers to bring onto their teams and are eager to explore alternative strategies to attract the best candidates to fill these open spots. As one of our five pillars of service, Grow Wabash County has played an active role in developing our local workforce and considering new ways to connect with this next generation of talent.”

In June, Grow Wabash County convened a meeting of CEOs and HR professionals representing major employers in Wabash County to share more information regarding the new frontiers for talent attraction and development.

INvets is a non-profit organization that partners with the state of Indiana that focuses on promoting all of the opportunities available in Indiana for veterans transitioning to civilian life. Part of this work includes working with major employers to market their job openings and communities to attract, retain and develop our state’s veteran workforce.

“INvets wants to offer employers a talent resource outside of our state’s border and help them build a talent pipeline with our transitioning military population,” Brian Evans, outreach and partnerships manager at INVets, said. “Working with us as we target this population, you gain a large network of skilled, discipline, and qualified candidates free of charge. There is so much opportunity in Wabash, not just with employment but with the quality of life the community offers…We need dedicated employers to help us get that conversation started.”

Employers interested in being featured on the Wabash County webpage on the INVets website are encouraged to connect with Evans at to get started.

Veryable is a tech company responsible for developing an app that allows for manufacturing employers and prospective employees to connect via an online marketplace, which allows for people to “bid” to pick up shifts at these businesses. This focus on recruitment through “on-demand” labor as opposed to traditional full-time or part-time work allows for flexibility for users as well as for employers facing difficulties in operating with a full staff. 

"Veryable’s focus is on helping companies grow by becoming more operationally competitive and giving them access to an infinite amount of skilled, experienced labor,” Joshua Mote, director of partnerships for Veryable, said. “By adding a flexible component to your current workforce you can scale up as your business grows and ramp down if volume pulls back, enabling growth and protecting your margins, with zero cost to scale."

Businesses that are interested in learning more can contact Mote at or visit From there, Mote or someone from the Veryable team will meet with the employer to discuss how Veryable can impact their operations.

Grow Wabash County continues to be committed to helping further develop our local workforce to meet the needs of our local employers as well as prepare for the future of talent attraction and retention efforts in the manufacturing and logistics industries. 

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