GWC gift checks the gift that keeps on giving

GWC gift checks the gift that keeps on giving Main Photo

9 Nov 2022


Wabash County, IN – Grow Wabash County is eager to ensure everyone has a happy holiday season this year! One fantastic way to promote shopping local this holiday season is by purchasing Grow Wabash County gift checks which can be used at almost 300 local businesses and organizations in and around Wabash County. 

Grow Wabash County gift checks (formerly known as Chamber Gift Checks prior to 2017) are gift certificates that can be redeemed at any business or organization that is a current Grow Wabash County investor. 

Since 2017, nearly $242,000 was spent locally within Wabash County through the GWC gift check program.

“The holiday shopping season is the busiest and most important time of year for our small business community,” Madison Waldon, Operations and Development Project Manager for Grow Wabash County, said. “Grow Wabash County gift checks are a great way to ensure your Christmas spending stays local while also giving everyone on your holiday shopping list the freedom to choose their own gift. Gift checks make your giving go further. In fact, it's estimated that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remains local.”

Gift checks can be purchased from Grow Wabash County online at or by contacting Madison at or 260-563-5258. 

Gift checks must be paid for up front with cash or check. Credit/Debit card payments are not accepted for gift check orders. Purchasers are encouraged to order checks in increments of no greater than $25 to ensure as much of that money as possible goes to GWC investors. 

The last day to order gift checks before Christmas will be EOD on Monday, Dec. 19 and gift check orders may be picked up no later than noon on Wednesday, Dec. 21

For a full list of Grow Wabash County investors that accept gift checks, visit Grow Wabash County also offers a list of retail stores, restaurants and other GWC investors where gift checks are most commonly used. That list can be found at

Since gift checks can only be spent at Grow Wabash County investors, businesses that are not currently members that would like to participate in this year's program are encouraged to reach out to Madison Waldon for more information at 260.563.5258 or by filling out a membership application at

Businesses that are not currently a Grow Wabash County investor should not be accepting gift checks from customers.

Additional information for businesses and community members about Grow Wabash County’s gift check program can be found at

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