Join Us at the Empower Hour Lunch & Learn Series: Session 2

Join Us at the Empower Hour Lunch & Learn Series: Session 2 Main Photo

1 Jun 2023

Sign up for Session 2 of the Empower Hour Lunch & Learn series taking place on July 21st from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Session 1 sold out quickly, so be sure to register for Session 2 as soon as possible!

Together, Grow Wabash County and Freedom Academy created the Empower Hour Lunch & Learn leadership workshop series. The series includes a set of programs on various professional development topics designed to help Wabash County residents who are looking to gain more leadership skills on how to be transparent, resolve conflict, and give and receive feedback in the workplace. 

The workshop was developed in response to employers who have voiced their need for training programs for new and experienced supervisors and employees fulfilling leadership roles. The purpose of the sessions is to address the skill gaps in leadership and professional development by offering more training opportunities for new and emerging leaders in Wabash County.

The program sessions will be facilitated by Freedom Academy Instructor, E. Jake Gamble, an executive coach, corporate trainer, and leadership advisor for small businesses, manufacturers, healthcare, and large scale corporations. The sold-out Session 1: Keeping It Real (Transparency in Leadership) will feature a discussion about why transparency is essential for successful leadership.

What to Expect from Session 2 

Session 2: How Effective Leaders Handle Criticism will feature a discussion about how to minimize criticism and how to handle its impact on your leadership approach. Successful leaders have many critics and the way a leader deals with that is vital to their role.

With every decision made comes some sort of disagreement and even pushback. It’s not uncommon that a leader experiences people second-guessing and questioning their techniques and motives. Knowing how to confidently tackle that situation in a positive and effective manner is a crucial skill for successful leaders to have. 

Register now to secure your spot for Session 2!

What to Expect from All Future Sessions 

The Empower Hour Lunch & Learn sessions take place on the second Tuesday of the month from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m with Session 3 in August, Session 4 in September, and Session 5 in October. Wabash County residents who registered for the event will meet in the Grow Wabash County conference room on 214 South Wabash Street in the city of Wabash.

The last three workshops are Session 3: Creating a Value-Driven Culture, Session 4: Giving and Receiving Feedback, and Session 5: Resolving Conflict. Registration for each session is open and it is $25 per session, so sign up online today! You can also contact Grow Wabash County at or 260-563-5258 to reserve your spot.

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