Plus5 Global announces plans for Wabash County processing plant

Plus5 Global announces plans for Wabash County processing plant Main Photo

28 Feb 2022

Plus5 Global, Inc. has announced its intentions to open its first operational processing plant in Wabash County.

This eco-tech, upcycling company will bring what CEO Paul Andrade calls a “disruptive yet leading-edge business” to Wabash County with the objective of minimizing its carbon emission footprint, and those of other companies, by creating high value substitutes for traditional carbon and petroleum material that remain cost-effective.

“We are excited about our new facility location in such a pro-growth atmosphere of the City of Wabash,” Andrade said. “The Wabash site brings with it our benchmark process and product applications that will experience continued innovation as we further our site roll out plan.”

Plus5 will invest almost $8.5 million in machinery and equipment and occupy a 43,000 square-foot facility being constructed in the Arc Light Business Park to convert used recyclable rubber materials into industrial products that are in high-demand across the country and internationally.

“Indiana’s vision for long-term sustainability is supported by innovative startup companies like Plus5 Global committed to growing in the Hoosier state,” said Ann Lathrop, executive vice president of global investments for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). “The company’s energy-efficient technologies, out-of-the-box thinking, and environmentally friendly solutions will help lead Indiana through an important energy transition while creating quality careers for Hoosiers.”

“We welcome Paul and his team at Plus5 Global to Wabash,” Wabash Mayor Scott Long, said.  “This project is a tremendous win for our community and they will be a valuable member of our established manufacturing community of green tech and upcycling businesses.”

This new processing plant will create 76 new jobs in Wabash County, particularly in the areas of skilled machine operation, material handling, sales, and administrative duties.  The jobs will pay an average hourly wage of $25.57 by the year 2024.

Construction on the processing plant is slated to begin in the Spring of 2022 with operations beginning in 2023.

“We are honored that Paul has chosen Wabash County as the location for Plus5 Global’s first processing plant,” Keith Gillenwater, president & CEO of Grow Wabash County, said.  “This project, along with the Bionutrients project that will be constructed adjacent to this project, are a great example of how private industry, local and state governments, and the non-profit sector through Grow Wabash County can work together and result in huge win for all parties.”

More information about Plus5 Global and its ongoing efforts to promote green and upcycling initiatives can be found on their website at

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