Grow Wabash County is proud to be the lead organizer on behalf of Wabash County as we pursue funding for various quality of life and growth-minded projects set to take flight in our communities! We are walking in step with our partners at NEI and the Regional Development Authority to procure and prepare projects that may receive funding from either READI 2.0 or the Strategic Development Commission.

What is READI 2.0?

The READI 2.0 program is a grant program  focused on funding projects that improve the quality of life, place, and opportunities in Indiana communities. The goal is to make Indiana an attractive place for people to live, work, grow, and thrive. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) has awarded a total of $500 million to various regions around the state of Indiana for this program.  

Learn more about READI 2.0 here.

How much money is up for grabs in Northeast Indiana?

Northeast Indiana (which includes Wabash County) has been allotted $45 million for the purpose of funding various projects in the region. 

What projects are eligible for READI 2.0 funding?

As part of the READI program, NEI (formerly the NE Indiana Regional Partnership) and the Northeast Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) worked alongside the various counties and communities in Northeast Indiana to develop a Growing With Vision Plan that outlines the priorities to guide the types of projects that may receive READI 2.0 funding.

As part of the plan for Northeast Indiana, the following areas were identified as some of the region's top priorities for funding:

  • Jobs Infrastructure
  • Housing
  • Early Childhood Education and Development
  • Education Innovation
  • Quality of Life

Read the full Growing With Vision Plan here.

**READI 2.0 Redevelopment & Art Initiative

This additional component to READI 2.0, funded in part by the Lilly Endowment Inc.’s  $250 million gift, the Redevelopment & Arts Initiative is meant to advance and support two transformative initiatives focused on: 

  1.  Blight Reduction($185,000,000) - Systemic community challenges associated with deteriorating, vacant, abandoned and/or blighted properties statewide.
  2. Arts & Culture Initiative($65,000,000) - Elevating the vitality of Indiana’s arts and cultural community through regional investments that benefit every resident’s quality of life, retain citizens and attract future generations of Hoosiers. 

NOTE: Unlike the other READI 2.0 funds, Redevelopment & Arts Initiative funds will not be allocated to each region in lump sums. READI 2.0 regions will present priority projects that align with all relevant criteria, and awards will be issued on a project-by-project basis. 

Learn more about the Redevelopment & Arts Initiative here.

What is the Northeast Indiana Strategic Development Commission (SDC)?

Northeast Indiana Strategic Development Commission (SDC) to provide strategic framework for how Northeast Indiana will raise wages, grow the population, and increase the number of residents with college degrees or credentials. Recently, $30 million was awarded to SDC by the Indiana General Assembly to invest in programs and capital projects that advance its five-year strategic plan to improve regional outcomes in wage growth, population growth, and educational attainment. 

What is the application process for READI 2.0 / SDC funding?

  1. Optional  Connect with Tenille Zartman from Grow Wabash County to discuss the project and determine if it aligns with one or more of the previously listed priorities from the Growing With Vision Plan.
    1. Email Tenille Zartman at
  2. Complete the Project Intake Form
  3. A member of a member of the Regional Development authority (RDA) will review the project application and determine if the project may receive funding and whether or not that funding will come from READI 2.0 or SDC.
  4. After a determination has been made, a member of the RDA team will reach back out to you regarding if/what next steps may be needed.