A Lifestyle for Everyone

Imagine yourself and how great life can be in Wabash County and Northeast Indiana!

The City of Wabash was the first city in the world to light its streets with electricity. A progressive community then and now, Wabash still maintains it historic character while providing all the amenities of modern life. The city is alive with local businesses that offer outstanding dining, retail, shopping, and entertainment.

North Manchester is a small college town in northern Wabash County that offers unique shopping and dining and several cultural attractions. Art lovers will enjoy traveling exhibits of two- and three-dimensional art hosted by Gallery G located on the Manchester University campus.

Performing arts are thriving in Wabash County. Audiences enjoy world-renown performances at the Honeywell Center in downtown Wabash, and the Honeywell Foundation maintains numerous other public amenities throughout the City of Wabash including the Charlie Creek Gardens, the Honeywell House, and the newly restored Eagles Theatre. In north Manchester, the Firehouse offers a venue for local and independent musicians and community theatre productions.

Movie-goers will delight in the 13-24 Drive-In Theater – one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the country that continues to offer a unique movie-going experience for all generations.

Thousands of visitors come to Wabash County each year to experience the undisturbed, natural beauty of this place and its wildlife. Two major rivers flow through the county and with two large reservoirs, recreational opportunities abound for fishing, swimming, boating, and water sports. Those seeking respite from daily life can find it amidst the waterfalls, rivers, gorges, and mature forests our state recreation and wildlife areas provide.