Wabash County Offers Refreshing Affordability without Sacrificing the Amenities Everyone Wants!

According to Best Places, Wabash County’s cost of living is nearly 30% lower than the national average. A significant factor is the extremely favorable cost of housing in Wabash County, where the median home price in September 2021 was $122,900. Comparably, the average across Indiana was $186,100 and the entire U.S. was $291,700. Healthcare and transportation costs are significantly more affordable in the area as well.

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Wabash County’s largest city, Wabash, stacks up favorably to surrounding metropolitan areas, evidenced by Best Places rankings for overall Cost of Living below:

LocationCost of Living
Wabash, IN71.2
Lafayette, IN79.4
Ft. Wayne80.6
Indianapolis, IN84.9
Columbus, OH86.4
Louisville, KY89.7