Downtown Amenities

Looking for a small town vibe with big city amenities, overflowing with family values, warmth and a welcoming community hoping to get to know you and your story? Wabash County has two main options that check those boxes: North Manchester and Wabash. Each offers a quaint, historic downtown area filled with thoughtful, eclectic boutiques, coffee shops for catching up with new and old friends, Farmers Markets and a variety of restaurants featuring local sustainable farm supplies.

It’s easy to make your own vacation or life in Wabash County with everything the area has to offer! From local artists and designers to fabulous restaurants with daily specials and unique antique boutiques, Grow Wabash County proudly supports the small businesses in downtown North Manchester and Wabash.


Charley Creek Inn Wine & Cheese Bar Photo

Charley Creek Inn Wine & Cheese Bar

Eagles Theatre Photo

Eagles Theatre

Ellen’s Bridal & Dress Boutique Photo

Ellen’s Bridal & Dress Boutique

Honeywell Center Photo

Honeywell Center

JoJo’s OlFactory & Co. Photo

JoJo’s OlFactory & Co.

Lighthouse Mission of Wabash Photo

Lighthouse Mission of Wabash

Living Well in Wabash County Photo

Living Well in Wabash County

Market Street Grill Photo

Market Street Grill

Modoc’s Market Photo

Modoc’s Market

Nicole A. Howard Photography Photo

Nicole A. Howard Photography

Ohh My! Cakes Photo

Ohh My! Cakes

Shopping Photo


Wabash Carnegie Public Library Photo

Wabash Carnegie Public Library

Wabash County Historical Museum Photo

Wabash County Historical Museum

Wabash County YMCA Photo

Wabash County YMCA

Wabash CrossFit Photo

Wabash CrossFit

Wabash Farmers Market Photo

Wabash Farmers Market

Wooden Ivy Boutique & Floral Photo

Wooden Ivy Boutique & Floral


North Manchester

Community Foundation of Wabash County Photo

Community Foundation of Wabash County

Daniel’s Place Photo

Daniel’s Place

Hawkins Family Farm Photo

Hawkins Family Farm

KenapocoMocha Photo


Manchester Alive Photo

Manchester Alive

Nature’s Remedy Day Spa Photo

Nature’s Remedy Day Spa

The Main View Photo

The Main View