Wabash County: Healthy Living With Appealing Amenities For All!

Wabash County is a collection of communities that provide quality living in close-knit communities with the amenities persons of all ages and backgrounds seek.

As the first city in the world to light its streets with electricity, Wabash has a history of progressive community amenity development, yet residents and visitors love its historic character. The city is alive with local businesses that offer outstanding dining, retail, shopping and entertainment. North Manchester is a small college town in northern Wabash County that offers unique shopping and dining.

Performing arts and cultural attractions are numerous and thriving throughout Wabash County. The Honeywell Foundation laid the groundwork for fantastic cultural facilities in the area, such as The Honeywell Center, which draws world-renowned performers to downtown Wabash. North Manchester has Gallery G on the Manchester University campus, filled with traveling art exhibits, and the Firehouse, a venue for local and independent musicians and community theater productions.

Families and individuals alike are comforted with the fact that Wabash County has an abundance of amenities that drive a quality lifestyle. High quality educational opportunities exist for children from birth on to postsecondary education. Quality healthcare is available with services spanning every person's lifespan. An undisturbed, natural beauty from mature forests and two major rivers and reservoirs provide both recreation and relaxation activities, such as biking, boating, hiking and fishing. Visitors spending just a brief time in the area quickly learn what residents know:

Wabash County has everything required to provide a healthy, satisfying lifestyle!