Wabash County Businesses Benefit From a Talented and Available Workforce!

New and existing businesses in Wabash County enjoy easy access to a regional workforce of more than half a million within an hour’s drive. As one of 11 counties in Northeast Indiana, where nearly 50% of the region’s workforce was in the manufacturing, trade, transportation and utilities sectors in 2019, Wabash County offers employers a knowledgeable, motivated and hard-working workforce well-prepared to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow.

Wabash County has a dedication to employee growth. Local businesses work together with each other and regional training resources to ensure excellent employment opportunities with personal growth potential for its employees. Major employers like Ford Meter Box and Living Essentials are local success stories, originating in Wabash County and growing to become manufacturers of products known across the world. Thriving networks like Young Professionals exist to offer the support employees need to continue to develop their careers.