High Quality Educational Opportunities for All

Wabash County provides an abundance of educational opportunities for all students with its strong public schools from three school corporations: Wabash City Schools, Manchester Community Schools and MSD of Wabash County. Each school offers engaging and advanced curriculums to fit individual student goals and instill the practice of lifelong learning and the compounding of skills and competencies that result in a successful, well-rounded academic journey.  

Many of these  schools provide dual-credit and AP courses, allowing students to enroll in college courses and excel academically and financially with college credit hours while still in high school. Local elementary school classrooms have piloted dual-language programs, offering instruction as early as Pre-K in both English and Spanish. 

Wabash County Schools (K-12)

Manchester Community Schools

Manchester Elementary School Photo

Manchester Elementary School

Manchester Intermediate School Photo

Manchester Intermediate School

Manchester Jr. - Sr. High School Photo

Manchester Jr. - Sr. High School

Squire Academy Photo

Squire Academy


Metropolitan Schools District (MSD) of Wabash County

Metro North Elementary School Photo

Metro North Elementary School

Northfield Jr. - Sr. High School Photo

Northfield Jr. - Sr. High School

Sharp Creek Elementary School Photo

Sharp Creek Elementary School

Southwood Elementary School Photo

Southwood Elementary School

Southwood Jr. - Sr. High School Photo

Southwood Jr. - Sr. High School


Wabash City Schools

L.H. Carpenter Early Learning Center Photo

L.H. Carpenter Early Learning Center

O.J. Neighbours Elementary School Photo

O.J. Neighbours Elementary School

Wabash Middle School Photo

Wabash Middle School

Wabash High School Photo

Wabash High School


Area Colleges & Universities

Manchester University Photo

Manchester University


Other Youth Education Options

The Access Youth Center Photo

The Access Youth Center

Emmanuel Christian School Photo

Emmanuel Christian School

Heartland Career Center Photo

Heartland Career Center

Josiah White’s Photo

Josiah White’s

The Montessori School at WPC Photo

The Montessori School at WPC

Saint Bernard School Photo

Saint Bernard School


Ivy Tech Community College Photo

Ivy Tech Community College