Wabash County Leads the Way in Green Tech and Metal Recycling!

Resource management is essential to the future of business. In a world of increased scrutiny on raw material usage, Wabash County companies have a dedicated focus on developing technologies to take materials historically difficult to recycle and convert them to various usable lightweight metals and products.

Wabash County has an ever-increasing number of companies focused on green technology and converting scrap and waste materials into usable products. Companies such as 10X Engineered Materials are converting scrap waste once destined for the landfill into industrial blasting abrasives. Another local company is Metal Source, which is dedicated to recycling metals and industrial and consumer waste into reusable resources. SRT Aluminum, two Real Alloy plants, H&S Metals, and the newly announced Plus5 Global are all working in this green tech and lightweight metal reclamation space. 

Employer Spotlight 

REAL ALLOY Recycling is a global market leader in third-party aluminum recycling and specification alloy production due to many years of experience in the recycling of aluminum and magnesium scrap. Its patented technologically advanced furnace systems are significantly more effective than conventional methods, allowing REAL ALLOY to handle contaminated aluminum scrap such as painted cans and coffee capsules.