Wabash County Drives the Automotive Industry Supply Chain!

According to Emsi, Indiana is the second-largest automobile manufacturing state in the U.S., producing approximately 1.3 million cars and trucks each year. That would not be possible without the numerous Tier I, II and III suppliers, many of which are located in Wabash County such as Intertech Products and Wabash Castings. In addition, Wabash County is in a strategic position to meet the next wave of automotive industry requirements. For example, Wabash County is heavily involved in biodiesel production at locations like the POET Bioprocessing ethanol production facility in North Manchester. E-mobility is also thriving in Wabash County, represented by Morrell’s Scooters, which offers electric scooter options in the City of Wabash.

  Employer Spotlight

Intertech Products, Inc. serves the automotive/transportation and industrial packaging industries. From its North Manchester plant, it offers products and services such as compression molding, die cutting, assembly and extrusion coating/laminating to a diverse range of companies.