Wabash County is a Place Where Businesses Come to Life!

Wabash County has a history as an entrepreneurial epicenter, where companies like Honeywell and Ford Meter Box Company got their start.

Small business development has continued recently, where local resources and available networking help entrepreneurs begin the process of making their ideas a reality. Additionally, current business owners find those same advantages will help them adapt, grow and maximize their existing operations.

Grow Wabash County has helped to cultivate the entrepreneurial environment. Our representatives understand the lengthy list of incentives available to entrepreneurs across a broad range of industries, cutting through the research time to get that assistance efficiently. We provide access to a variety of resources, programs and organizations with which Wabash County businesses across all stages can utilize to thrive.

E-Commerce coaching available for Wabash County businesses

Grow Wabash County invites for-profit small businesses in Wabash County to apply for our new E-Commerce coaching program presented in partnership with Cyclone Social.

This E-Commerce program will allow for 10 to 12 small businesses in Wabash County to receive high quality instruction and support to help them develop an e-commerce platform to sell their goods and/or services online.

Business owners interested in applying to receive E-Commerce coaching from Cyclone Social are required to complete the application at: www.growwabashcounty.com/ecommerceprogram.

In order to qualify for this program, a business must be a for-profit small business that operates in Wabash County. 

This program was made possible due in part to a grant awarded to Grow Wabash County by Region 3A with funds from the Economic Development Association. 


FAQ's regarding E-Commerce program:

Q: How many businesses will be able to participate in this program?

We will select 10 to 12 small, for-profit businesses in Wabash County to be part of this E-Commerce training program.

Q: What types of businesses are eligible to participate in this program?

Here are the requirements for your business to qualify for this training:

  • Your small business must be located/operate in Wabash County.
  • Your small business must be a for-profit business. (Non-profit organizations are not eligible)
  • You must complete the E-Commerce Coaching application

Q: How much does it cost for my small business to participate in this training?

Thanks to grant funding from the Economic Development Adminsitration awarded to Grow Wabash County by Region 3A, the selected businesses will be able to participate in this program free of charge, though certain fees (i.e. domains, platform subscriptions, website upkeep, etc.) for their E-Commerce website will be the responsibility of the business owner. 

Q: What can I expect as a participant in this program?

The selected businesses will have one-on-one coaching sessions with members of the Cyclone Social team. Together, Cyclone Social and the business will take a holistic approach to creating and maintaining a successful e-commerce website. NOTE: Cyclone Social can only provide the instruction and knowledge to empower and guide business owners through the process of developing, launching and maintaining an e-commerce site. Cyclone Social cannot do all of the work for the business.