Post-Secondary Education for Lifelong Learning

Post-secondary education is a cornerstone of Wabash County's success, providing residents with the skills and knowledge needed for thriving careers. By investing in higher education, we drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth within our community. Through strategic partnerships with colleges and vocational training institutions, we ensure a skilled workforce ready to tackle future challenges.

Local Universities

Anderson University Photo

Anderson University

Ball State University Photo

Ball State University

Huntington University Photo

Huntington University

Indiana University Photo

Indiana University

Indiana Wesleyan Photo

Indiana Wesleyan

Manchester University Photo

Manchester University

Notre Dame University Photo

Notre Dame University

Purdue University Photo

Purdue University

Purdue University-Fort Wayne Photo

Purdue University-Fort Wayne

Taylor University Photo

Taylor University

University of St. Francis Photo

University of St. Francis


Vocational Trainings

Freedom Academy Photo

Freedom Academy

Ivy Tech Community College Photo

Ivy Tech Community College