Grow Wabash County to Honor Top Students in Class of 2021

Grow Wabash County to Honor Top Students in Class of 2021 Main Photo

11 Mar 2021

Wabash County, IN __Grow Wabash County is calling upon the Wabash County business community to rally around some of the community’s best and brightest students by supporting the 2021 Honor Student Luncheon, scheduled for Thursday, April 15 at Noon at Legacy Hall in the Honeywell Center.

This year’s luncheon will be modified, per the school corporations’ requests, to seat students by school and utilize alternative methods to connect students with professionals in their majors and career fields of interest.

In order to foster bonds between students and local companies in their fields of interest, each student will receive a packet filled with information about internships, future career paths and even some words of wisdom from local professionals. A panel of industry professionals will also be put together to answer questions that the students may have about starting their careers and reminding them of the great opportunities that Wabash County has to offer them.

“Our local students have been especially impacted by the changes caused by the pandemic over the past year,” Keith Gillenwater, President and CEO of Grow Wabash County, said. “The high school experience has been forever changed but Grow Wabash County is glad to keep this tradition going to honor the top 20 percent of students from every school corporation and highlight all of the wonderful opportunities Wabash County has to offer them as they find and pursue their career of choice.”

This year’s Honor Student Luncheon class has a wide variety of interests and talents. Many have plans to pursue careers in nursing or medicine and some are exploring career paths related to engineering and technology. Others are considering art careers, and some have decided to forego college for right now to start their careers.

Local businesses, colleges, universities and employers interested in sponsoring students or having printed materials included in packets given to students pursuing careers in their specific industry can do so by registering at or by contacting Chelsea Boulrisse by emailing or calling 260-563-5258.

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