Morrell’s Scooters to Host First Friday Demo

Morrell’s Scooters to Host First Friday Demo Main Photo

3 Sep 2020

Wabash County, IN __Grow Wabash County is excited to welcome a new business venture to Wabash. Morrell’s Scooters will be offering free test runs of its motorized scooters in the Wabash City Hall parking lot during First Friday on Friday, Sept. 4.

The demos will be held ahead of the company’s Wabash two-month trial run set to begin on Monday, Sept. 7.

Morrell’s Scooters was launched by owner Ronald Morrell, Jr., in October 2019 in the interest of bringing ride sharing programs, often popular in larger cities, to small towns.

“I love to visit big cities and try to bring home some of the amenities that I like,” Morrell said. “We can have big city fun without all the hassle.”

Morrell is a Marion, Indiana native and is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University. In fact, Morrell’s alma mater has since become a client of Morrell’s Scooter’s.

Scooters will become available for rent in Wabash from Monday, Sept. 7 through October. Riders will be able to pick up and/or drop off their scooters at various checkpoints throughout Wabash including White Rock Recreation, Veteran’s Plaza and the Wabash City Schools administration building.

Once the trial program launches in Wabash on Sept. 7, riders can make an account on the GOAT Scooter Rental app to rent the scooters. After making an account, a map will highlight where all the scooters are located in your area. Once the scooters have been unlocked and activated, riders are ready to roll.  Throughout the trial run, users are encouraged to give their feedback on the ride-share program.

“I am excited to work with Ronald to bring this large city amenity to Wabash for a trial run,” said Keith Gillenwater, President and CEO of Grow Wabash County, said.  “I see a world of possibilities for visitors and residents alike to scoot around town to meetings and attractions alike – and have fun while they are doing it.”

Businesses that are interested in being a docking location for Morrell’s Scooters are encouraged to connect with Morrell directly by emailing him at

The scooter ride-share program is also seeking to hire individuals that would be willing to help with the charging of scooters during off-times to ensure the scooters are ready to be rented.

Morrell and Grow Wabash County staff will be in the City Hall parking lot from 5-8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 4 to offer free test rides of the scooters and share more information about how to maximize your time on two wheels.

Additional information about Morrell and Morrell’s Scooters can be found at

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