Here's Why So Many Companies Are Losing Employees Shortly After Onboarding

24 Oct 2022


Has America lost the will to work, or have organizations lost the will to connect with talent? Today's business leaders are faced with new labor market challenges requiring better efficiencies in onboarding techniques to quickly establish competencies and retention techniques that can keep skilled labor engaged and committed. The data suggest that in today's business environment, no industry is safe from the extraordinarily expensive problems of talent turnover.

Voluntary turnover rates (employees leaving without being fired or laid off) are predicted to jump nearly 20% in 2022. At a macro level, it might be easy to attribute these numbers to the crushed retail sector struggling to keep storefronts open, but turnover is hitting nearly every industry sector, including those with high-paying desirable job openings. The key industries with greater than 18% turnover rates are as follows.

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