Indiana's Traction is Helping Farmers Find Modern Solutions to Age-old Problems

26 Sep 2022


For millennia, farmers have looked to the clouds to predict their crops’ success. Now, through Auburn-based Traction’s all-in-one farm management software, more answers than ever are in the cloud.

Agriculture’s one of the most challenging businesses to manage and operate, according to Ian Harley, company co-founder and CEO, and not just because it’s a delicate dance with Mother Nature. “I was out on a farm visit last week, visiting one of our grower-investors,” Harley recalls. “This person is handling multiple entities in different states; he’s dealing with crop insurance; he’s dealing with landlord-tenant arrangements. And he’s obviously dealing with the marketing of his crop.” By integrating accounting, payroll, field operations, and agronomy into a single platform, perpetually accessible from any connected device, Traction aims to consolidate information and provide real-time insights.

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